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Tuesday,11 August, 2020
Political, development and cultural meetings, were held today at Baabda Palace:
Political, development and cultural meetings, were held today at Baabda Palace:

President Aoun received a delegation of organizers of Baalbek Festival Concerts.
President Aoun: “Lebanon will regain its distinguished role after these difficult circumstances vanish. Lebanon couldn’t stay away from culture even in the darkest conditions”.
MP Makhzoumi stressed the necessity to seriously engage with the IMF, to conduct a judicial audit of Central Bank accounts and develop solutions to numerous files.
President Michel Aoun stressed that “Lebanon cannot move away from culture, even in its darkest conditions”, asserting the Lebanese will in facing crises “With firm faith to overcome them and preserve Lebanon’s distinctive role in numerous fields, which will be restored after current difficult conditions”.
The President’s stances came during his reception a delegation of organizers of the Baalbek International Festival concert (without audience) under the title “Voice of Resilience”, on the occasion of the first Centenary of “Great Lebanon” declaration, today at the Presidential Palace.
The meeting was attended by: National Defense Minister, Zeina Akar, Tourism Minister, Ramzi Msharrafiyeh, Health Minister Hamad Hassan, and Culture Minister, Abbas Murtada, in addition to Chairperson of Baalbek International Festivals, Mrs. Nayla De Freij, leader of the Philharmonic Orchestra who led the musical band, Maestro Harout Vaslian, and ceremony participants and contributors.
At the beginning of the meeting, Mrs. De Freij thanked President Aoun for his patronage of the concert held by the committee, stressing that “This sponsorship allowed us to transmit our voice so far, and as public and private sectors, to more than 15 million people in the world, which is a number that is expected to increase day by day through social media. This is the image of Lebanon that we wish to highlight and show to the whole world. I thank those who participated in the success of this work for every effort exerted”.
For his side, President Aoun welcomed the delegation, and expressed his happiness for the meeting. “In light of the accumulation of crises and misfortunes in Lebanon, it was bold to present a ceremony of this type, which carried various messages to the whole world, which is the language of music, and the most important of which, is that Lebanon cannot move away from culture even in the darkest circumstances” President Aoun said.
The President also praised the exerted efforts in which all of Lebanon contributed to, and was witnessed by all the Lebanese, stressing that “The cultural dimension is evolving in Lebanon, whether in language, music or literature”.
Then, President Aoun pointed out that reaching this large number of people around the world is the most evident proof of success, hoping that members of the delegation persevere in carrying out artistic and cultural work to keep its audible messages, expressing his hope that next year Baalbek will again witness a work that will be the end of crises, and which highlights Lebanon’s longstanding cultural heritage.
MP Fouad Makhzoumi:
President Aoun met Head of the National Dialogue Party, MP Fouad Makhzoumi, accompanied by his political adviser, Dr. carol Zwein, and discussed with him the current situation.
After the meeting, Makhzoumi stressed “The necessity to implement the reforms required by the international community from Lebanon, especially with regard to the file of electricity and the fight against corruption and waste”. Makhzoumi also asserted the importance of dealing seriously with the International Monetary Fund, “Since without reforms, Lebanon’s position will remain suspended, if not deteriorate more and more”. MP Makhzoumi also called for a judicial audit, especially in Central Bank accounts, to “Seek the assistance of a global company for this purpose, and to be transparent in this issue, which would uncover corruption files and lift protection from spoilers, especially as it is a necessary prelude to recover looted funds”.
Then, Makhzoumi stated that the Government must urgently “Put solutions on short and medium terms, concerning the electricity issue because people are living very harsh conditions”, stressing the importance of reaching solutions to the collapse of the national currency and the high cost of basic materials.
Head of “Qaoulouna Wal Aamal”:
The President received head of “Qaoulouna Wal Aamal” Association, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Qattan, and the director of the association’s office, Mr. Mohammed Fneish, and discussed with them the current situation and the situation of Beqaa.
Sheikh Al-Qattan praised the President’s national stances, his management for the country’s affairs and his adherence to Lebanon’s sovereignty and independence and preserving the dignity of the Lebanese. Sheikh Al-Qattan also raised a number of demands in the Beqaa region in general, and Barr Elias town in particular.
Father Abou Kasem, and Head of Jezzine Municipalities’ Union:
President Aoun met President of the Catholic Information Center, Father Abdo Abou Kasem, and the Head of the Union of Jezzine Municipalities, Khalil Harfoush, and discussed with them development affairs.

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