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Thursday,20 January, 2022
Latest News 17/01/2022

17/01/2022 - president of the republic, general michel aoun, met mp, edgard traboulsi, today at the presidential palace.

general political affairs and the stifling... Read more

14/01/2022 - minister boushikian: “president aoun is keen on the ministry’s plan to re-launch and modernize the industry. industrial economic and production prospects are gradually improving... Read more

13/01/2022 - minister mawlawi: “the security situation is maintained. coordination between the security apparatuses is good to protect citizens, and i assure that the elections will... Read more

13/01/2022 - the families of arrested individuals conveyed to president aoun their suffering due to the continued unjust detention of their family members.

... Read more

  • The President addressed the stifling political and social situation, with MP Traboulsi
  • The President was briefed on the industrial situation, by Minister Boushikian.
  • President Aoun received Minister Mawlawi.
  • The President the families of arrested persons in the Beirut Port blast case.
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