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Sunday,11 April, 2021
Latest News 09/04/2021

09/04/2021 - president aoun signed six parliament-approved laws.   minister hobballah asserted the necessity of starting forensic audit and forming a new government, as soon as... Read more

08/04/2021 - president of the republic, general michel aoun, today chaired a meeting devoted to discuss the work of impact electronic platform, which was launched by the... Read more

08/04/2021 - president aoun: “lebanon is committed to implementing the taif accord, from which the constitution emerged. what is said that the taif accord is threatened, is... Read more

07/04/2021 - president aoun: “dropping forensic audit is a beating to the french initiative, and a beating of the government’s decision. it is the entrance to... Read more

  • The President was briefed on the industrial sector’s situation, by Minister Hobballah.
  • President Aoun chaired a meeting devoted to discuss the work of IMPACT electronic platform.
  • President Aoun while meeting Arab League Assistant-Secretary General: “We welcome any initiative by the League of Arab States to resolve the current Lebanese crisis”.
  • President Aoun in a speech to the Lebanese: “Forensic audit is a more difficult battle than liberating the land, since it is against the corrupt and the thieves, who are more dangerous than the occupier and the agent”.
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