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Thursday,23 September, 2021
The President signed the decree for distributing municipal fund revenues: 775 Billion Lebanese Pounds for municipal unions and municipalities, in all Lebanon.
The President signed the decree for distributing municipal fund revenues: 775 Billion Lebanese Pounds for municipal unions and municipalities, in all Lebanon.

The President addressed the difficulties faced by the tourism sector due to the fuel and electricity crisis, with Minister Musharrafiyeh.


Minister Musharrafiyeh: “The President confirmed that measures taken will be implemented within 2 days, to resolve this crisis”.


The British Ambassador asserted British continuous support for Lebanon, and the Lebanese, in current difficult circumstances.


President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, signed Decree No.7998, dated July 23, 2021, which stipulates the distribution of revenues of the independent municipal fund for year 2019, to municipal unions and municipalities in all of Lebanon, in accordance with the criteria adopted in this regard.

The total value of these revenues amounts to 775 Billion Lebanese Pounds.


Minister Musharrafiyeh:

The President met Social Affairs and Tourism Minister, Dr. Ramzi Musharrafiyeh, today at the Presidential Palace.

Ministerial Affairs, the difficulties facing the tourism sector due to current fuel and electricity crises, and methods to address them were discussed in the meeting, in addition to the contacts made by President Aoun with competent departments to expedite the completion of arrangements which lead to the availability of fuel.


After the meeting, Minister Musharrafiyeh made the following statement:

“I was honored to meet his Excellency the President. I briefed the President on latest tourism developments, and the new problem which this sector suffers from today. This is a problem of lack electricity.

Today, we face the problem of securing diesel, fuel and electricity at the level of the whole country. This strongly affects tourism, whether hotels restaurants or others, in addition to its impact on health, hospital and food sectors.

We had great expectations from the tourism sector during the current three months, since the country needs the funds of expatriates who bring US Dollars into Lebanon. Unfortunately, the electricity problem recently appeared. His Excellency the President assured me that the taken measures will be implemented within two days to resolve this crisis, in addition to Minister Ghajar and Major General Ibrahim heading today to Iraq to sign an agreement to import one Million tons of fuel. This will provide a solution to the electricity crisis in Lebanon.

President Aoun was also briefed on the ministerial affairs, in terms of the financing card and the World Bank loan, in addition to the issue of the displaced Syrians”.



British Ambassador:

President Aoun met the new British Ambassador to Lebanon, Mr. Ian Collard, and deliberated with him general developments, and Lebanese-British relations.

Ambassador Collard assured the President that that Britain continues to support Lebanon and stand next to the Lebanese, in the difficult circumstances which they are witnessing.

For his part, President Aoun thanked Ambassador Collard for the British interest in Lebanon, and the support provided in various fields.

The British Ambassador was accompanied by Political Counselor at the British Embassy, Gavin Tench.

MP Abi Khalil:

The President met MP, Cesar Abi Khalil, and tackled with him governmental and general developments, in addition to the needs of Aley region.

Adha Feast Congratulations:

President Aoun received additional congratulation telegrams on the occasion of the blessed Al-Adha feast, most notably from Algerian President, Abdul Majid Tebboun.​