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Thursday,23 September, 2021
The President received a delegation from the Lebanese-French friendship group in the French Senate.
The President received a delegation from the Lebanese-French friendship group in the French Senate.

President Aoun: “The upcoming government will be a salvation government. One of the tasks of the new government will be to supervise on parliamentary elections”.


President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, expressed his hope that a new government will be formed as soon as possible, to start carrying-out necessary reforms to save the Lebanese economy. The President also reiterated his support for the French initiative, and thanked French President, Emmanuel Macron, for the support he provided especially after last year’s Beirut Port explosion, and the conferences called for to support the Lebanese, including the conference which will be held next August 4.

Stances of President Aoun came while meeting a delegation from the Lebanese-French Friendship Group in the French Senate, headed by Mrs. Christiane La Varde, and attended by French Ambassador to Lebanon, Mrs. Anne Grillo.

The President conveyed his greetings to the President of the French Senate, Gerard Larcher, wishing that the delegation would be briefed on the Lebanese situation in all details and the sufferings experienced by the Lebanese people as a result of several factors, including the Syrian war and its repercussions, Corona virus and Beirut Port explosion, in addition to the harsh economic and living conditions.

President Aoun also indicated that the new government will carry-out necessary reforms which Lebanon has begun and will complete during the coming period.

In addition, the President asserted that Beirut Port explosion investigations are ongoing to uncover all the circumstances of this crime and hold perpetrators and the negligent accountable, and determine responsibilities. President Aoun then assured the delegation that the coming government will be a rescue government whose duties also include supervising the parliamentary elections and achieving the Lebanese’s desire to emerge the crisis which is facing Lebanon.

For her side, Mrs. Lavard expressed French interest in Lebanon and its people, based on the historical relations between the two countries. Lavard also pointed out that France supports the reforms which Lebanon intends to take, after forming the new government.