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Monday,04 July, 2022
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Cabinet Statement 29/9/2021
Cabinet Statement 29/9/2021

After the session, the Information Minister read the following statement:

“The Cabinet convened, after gaining confidence, in its first session chaired by President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, and attended by Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, and ministers.

At the beginning, the President congratulated the Cabinet on gaining Parliament confidence, hoping that it would gain citizen –confidence, as well as confidence of the international community.

President Aoun also stated that there are many needs for citizens, which the government must focus on implementing. These needs include monitoring prices and completing the financing card.

Afterwards, Prime Minister Mikati thanked the President for congratulating the government on the confidence received from the Parliament, and indicated that challenges are great to work to gain people’s trust, and this is achieved if we are one united team since bringing people to their rights is a responsibility which we all bear. The Prime Minister stated that we have to commit to fulfilling the rightful wishes of citizens, especially social security, which is the basis and passes everything else.

PM Mikati added that “We are working quickly to achieve citizen needs, including the financing card, electricity and fuel and other basic issues which the government will direct attention to. PM Mikati also briefed the Cabinet on the results of his visit to Paris and the meeting he had held with French President, Emmanuel Macron, describing the meeting as very good. The Prime Minister revealed that the French President showed remarkable interest in supporting Lebanon, and stressed that France’s readiness to help in more than one sector, considering that the real door to salvation is the beginning of negotiations with the IMF.

In addition, the Prime Minister said that President Macron expressed France’s readiness to assist in electricity and rehabilitate the Port, provided that there is complete transparency in all projects implemented by the government, especially the public procurement law. PM Mikati also spoke about a Lebanese-French joint committee which will be formed soon to follow-up on common issues between both countries.

Then, the Cabinet studied agenda topics and decided to approve the termination of the Supreme Defense Council to extend public mobilization from 1/10/2021 till 31/12/2021, while maintaining all taken measures and procedures.

The most prominent decision taken by the Cabinet are:

-Approving exceptional approvals issued during the caretaker period, with the exception of some which were postponed until the presence of the Head of the Audit Bureau.

-Approving the formation of ministerial committees dealing with various issues, and the abolition of previously formed committees.

-Agreeing to refer the issue of the Tleil fuel tank explosion to the Judicial Council.

-Approving the request of the Communications Ministry to extend work until 21/12/2021, on a temporary basis and exceptionally, with Cabinet decisions related to doubling the speed of the internet and consumption volumes, without additional fees.

-Approving to assign the Finance Minister to borrow 100 million US Dollars from the Central Bank to require EDL to secure an increase in the number of electricity feeding hours.

Finally, the President of the Republic informed the Cabinet, in agreement with the Prime Minister, that he authorized, under Article 52 of the Constitution, a committee to negotiate with the International Monetary Fund. The committee is headed by the Deputy Prime Minister, and members are Finance and Economy Ministers, the Central Bank Governor and two experts representing the Presidency of the Republic”.​