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Monday,17 June, 2024
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Cabinet Statement: 24-01-2022
Cabinet Statement: 24-01-2022

After the meeting, Information Minister, Abbas Halaby, read the Cabinet statement:

“The Cabinet convened today in a session headed by President of the republic, General Michel Aoun, and attended by Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, in addition to ministers except the Justice Minister who is on an official visit to Iraq.

At the beginning, the President welcomed the ministers after a long interruption during which the work of the executive authority, represented by the Council of Ministers, froze “Although ministers continued their work individually or through ministerial committees”.

The President indicated that “Cabinet-session interruption negatively affected the regularity of the work of the executive authority and increased the accumulation of negative repercussions of the general situation”.

“I have previously emphasized respect for the principle of separation of authorities in Lebanon between the executive, legislative and judicial authorities. What had happened in the past months wasn’t in accordance with this constitutional rule, which was reflected in many of the essential life demands of citizens. In this regard, I would like to assert that when the government is not resigned, the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister cannot issue exceptional approvals” the President added.

Moreover, the President asked to start studying livelihood issues which concern citizens, provided that agenda topics will be studied later.

Then, the Prime Minister said “I am pleased to resume Cabinet sessions after a break, and that the “Together to rescue” government resumes duties seriously and effectively since present and imminent challenges no longer allow any delay, financially, socially and economically”.

“The remaining time before parliamentary elections has become very stressful. We will try as much as possible to accomplish basic issues which are first related to the daily life of citizens, electricity, general budget and gas and oil” PM Mikati continued.

“My hope is that our sessions will be fruitful and that we cooperate in a spirit of responsibility away from differences. I also hope that we proceed from the fact that people no longer bear the contradictions and are bored with the differences and want productive work and cooperation among all to extricate themselves from crises and dangers” PM Mikati added.

“What I ask for is that the views of ministers carry the spirit of optimism through the media in approaching all files, despite their difficulty. I ask to avoid, as much as possible, differences which harm ministerial solidarity, and to maintain the confidentiality of deliberations, because any partial or false or out of context leakage will distance the discussion in the general budget and its figures from its correct scientific approach” the Prime Minister said.

“There are also several topics on the agenda which are essential for running state affairs and giving the rights of people and employees. Upcoming sessions will be full of issues and basic files for all ministries and departments. We are also in the process of preparing for a special Cabinet session to approve the executive decrees of the issued laws. Through constructive cooperation, we can achieve a lot. This is at the heart of our work and direction” PM Mikati concluded.

Afterwards, the Council of Ministers began studying agenda topics, and decided to approve:

- A draft decree aimed at giving temporary social assistance to workers in the public sector (including government hospitals and the Lebanese University), municipalities, the Federation of Municipalities and anyone who receives a salary, wage, or allowances from public funds, in addition to retirees who benefit from a retirement pension, and to give the Ministry of Finance a treasury advance for this aim.

- A draft decree aiming to amend the value of the daily transportation allowance for the private sector in the amount of 65,000 Lebanese Liras for each day of actual attendance, plus an education grant.

- A draft decree aiming to amend the value of the temporary transportation compensation for public sector workers to reach 64,000 Lebanese Liras for each day of actual attendance.

- A draft decree aiming to give a monthly lump sum transfer compensation of one million and 200 thousand Liras to the military in the army, internal security forces, public security, state security, customs officers and parliament police.

-Extension of work in the temporary staff and the effect of decisions and contracts of temporary employees and contractors of various names.

-Adjusting the teaching wages for those contracting to teach in public schools and secondary schools, and vocational and technical education institutes.

- Appointing the National Anti-Corruption Commission according to the following: Judge Claude Karam as President, Lawyer Mr. Fawaz Kabbara as Vice President, Judge Therese Allawi and Messrs’ Ali Badran, Joe Maalouf and Kleib Kleib as members.

-Postponing the decision on the draft internal and financial regulations of the National Commission for Human Rights, including the Committee for the Prevention of Torture, in order to ensure the presence of Minister of Justice in the next session.

The Council of Ministers also approved all the items on its agenda.

After that, the Cabinet approved the draft general budget law for the year 2021, and a draft law aimed at authorizing the collection of imports as in the past and the disbursement of expenditures starting from the first of February 2022 until the issuance of the budget law for the year 2022, on the basis of the 12th rule.

As a result, the Council of Ministers began studying the draft general budget law for the current year. The Minister of Finance presented a detailed presentation on the foundations that were adopted, the positive reasons and the positive points of the project, provided that the Council, in successive daily sessions that will be held in the Grand Serail starting tomorrow, will thoroughly study the draft budget, preparing for referral to the Parliament.​