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Monday,17 June, 2024
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Cabinet Statement: 15/02/2022
Cabinet Statement: 15/02/2022


After the session, Minister Halaby read the Cabinet statement:

“The Cabinet convened today at the Presidential Palace, in a session chaired by President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, and attended by Prime Minister, Najib Mikati and ministers.

At the beginning, the President stressed the need to activate the work of ministries, especially service ministers who are in direct contact with citizens, in order to alleviate peoples’ complaints about the lack of official attention in health, social and educational fields.

President Aoun also indicated that today’s session tackles two important topics, the electricity plan and parliamentary elections. Concerning elections, the President said “It is necessary to adopt the Mega center to enable citizens to exercise their electoral rights without having to move to their towns and villages that are practically far from their place of residence. President Aoun also considered that such a step achieves a wide participation of citizens especially in these difficult financial and economic conditions that Lebanon is going through.

In addition, the President pointed out that the participation rate in the past two elections was low for several reasons, including long distances and the inability of voters to move from their places of residence to their towns.

Afterwards, Prime Minister Mikati stressed that Lebanon is facing several challenges and the role of the government is to achieve the rescue goals for which it was formed, and this basic task is more than important than all controversies.

The Prime Minister said “The Lebanese are looking forward to the government achieving what they need in reforms and services. The Lebanese reject any differences which may occur, and the important thing is that we all be in a state of coordination and in true partnership at multiple levels, according to the constitution”.

Prime Minister Mikati also pointed out that the 2022 budget, which was referred to the Parliament, was studied over a period of more than 8 sessions “On commas and points”. “This is the best possible budget at the present time in order to secure the state’s public financial order. We are governed by numbers and facts which cannot be ignored” PM Mikati said.

In addition, the Prime Minister called for avoiding auctions, especially since the country is 90 days away from parliamentary elections, and we must work together to achieve this deadline.

“We do not shirk our responsibilities because we realize the magnitude of challenges and difficulties, but buds are unacceptable, especially from those who participated in previous years in financial decisions of the Parliament and Cabinet” the Prime Minister said.

In addition, the Prime Minister considered that frankness with the Lebanese is a necessity for them to be partners with us, without embarrassment, so that the Lebanese wound will be healed and Lebanon will return to what is was before.

“Populist talk doesn’t help nor does denial” Prime Minister Mikati concluded.

Then, the Cabinet began deliberating the agenda and approved all items, most notably:

- A draft law related to opening an additional exceptional appropriation to cover the expenses of the parliamentary elections to be held next May, at a value of 320 billion Lebanese pounds.

-Transferring an appropriation from the general budget reserve for year 2022 to the budget of the Interior Ministry on the basis of the 12th rule, at a value of 40 billion Lebanese pounds.

-Determining the value of the compensations for electoral work and the lump-sum transfer compensation for employees who are delegated to carry out parliamentary or municipal electoral work, whether general or subsidiary”.