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Monday,17 June, 2024
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Cabinet Statement: 30/03/2022
Cabinet Statement: 30/03/2022


After the session, Information Minister Ziad Makari read the Cabinet statement:

“The Council of Ministers held a session headed by the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, in the presence of the Prime Minister, and the ministers.


At the beginning of the session, the President congratulated the Lebanese in general and Muslims in particular on the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan at the end of this week, wishing that it would be a month of goodness and tolerance "in spite of the economic and financial conditions and the difficult situation we are facing, which reflects negatively on social conditions”.

President Aoun recalled the responsibilities of the relevant ministries in the field of combating high prices and controlling prices.


Then the President spoke about the tragedy that occurred in the town of Ansar in the district of Nabatiyeh, which shook the Lebanese society, especially since it was a horrific crime carried out with unprecedented brutality, in which a mother and her three daughters were killed. 


The President said: "I ask God to have mercy on the mother and her daughters. I offer my condolences to the family and the people of the town.

I salute the efforts of the Intelligence Directorate that arrested the two suspects, and I stress the need for the security and judicial agencies to expedite the investigations to reach the truth, hold the criminals accountable, and take the most severe punishments against them”.


Then President Aoun presented the results of his visit to the Vatican and Rome, noting that he renewed the invitation to His Holiness to visit Lebanon. 


President Aoun said “It was an occasion in which we raised the general situation in Lebanon and the region, and stressed the Vatican's assistance in the issue of Syrian displacement to Lebanon, and the need to facilitate the return of these displaced persons by providing aid to them in Syria instead of providing it in Lebanon because this encourages the displaced”.


President Aoun also referred to the meetings he held with the Italian President, who renewed Italy’s  support for Lebanon and the provision of aid in various fields. 

The President also spoke about his meetings with the Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the World "FAO" and the World Food Programme, where the focus was also on the issue of aid to the displaced and taking responsibility for encouraging their return to their country and limiting the negative repercussions on Lebanon at various levels.


President Aoun concluded his intervention by saying: "It is not permissible to talk about exclusivity when raising any issue as long as every initiative will result in before the Council of Ministers for discussion, and then the Parliament if necessary, so no one can be alone in anything”.


In turn, the Prime Minister congratulated the Lebanese on the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan, and wished that it would be filled with tolerance and love among all Lebanese. 


The Prime Minister also thanked the security forces for revealing the circumstances of the unfortunate crime that took place in Ansar.


PM Mikati said "Since we assumed the responsibility, we are aware of the magnitude of the challenges facing us. We have huge responsibilities to stop the collapse in the country, address as many files as possible, and put other files on the path to a solution. From here, my cry yesterday was about the necessity of stopping the quarrels, electoral stances and cooperation among all in the government, parliament, and all segments of Lebanese society, and leaders, to pass this difficult stage”.


The Prime Minister added “While we affirm cooperation with the Parliament and call for concerted efforts to address the required files, some continue to follow the opposition and loyalty approach and attack the government, at a time when the concerted efforts of all are required in this difficult crisis. In the face of incitement against the government from any side, we should focus on the main thing, which is saving the country and cooperating with the International Monetary Fund, because we have no choice but this option.

The entire international community is supportive of us and supports the government in every sense of the word, and this matter was also felt during my last visit to Qatar, during my meetings with the Emir of Qatar, the Prime Minister and the foreign ministers of Qatar, the Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait and Jordan. The Director of the International Monetary Fund was more than cooperative and well aware of the working team that is negotiating with the International Monetary Fund, and affirmed its readiness to cooperate and support Lebanon. The IMF also hoped to speed up an agreement in the coming weeks for its approval as soon as possible by the Fund's Board of Directors”.


PM Mikati added “We are here to defend the people only, and to protect the Lebanese economy and the economic cycle in the country, and it is our duty to listen to everyone and not consider any opinion we hear as if we adopt it. Our goal is to protect people and revive the economy, while some are targeting the government for electoral goals, while the homeland is paying the price. My appeal to everyone is to take responsibility and we are waiting for the agreement with the IMF to be completed, provided that the weeks leading up to the elections are also appropriate to launch the required tender for electricity, in addition to accomplishing the main task, which is to hold the elections on time”.


After that, the Council of Ministers began studying its agenda and took the appropriate decisions, most notably:

 - In the Ministry of Finance’s presentation of the draft loan contract between the Lebanese government and the Banque du Liban, it was decided to request the opinion of the Legislative and Consultation Commission on the legality of the license by signing the contract based on the approval of the Council of Ministers, or that it needs a permit and the approval of the House of Representatives.

 - The Council of Ministers approved an expedited draft law aimed at setting exceptional and temporary controls on bank transfers and cash withdrawals in a modified form.​