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Sunday,03 July, 2022
Minister Halaby: “I am optimistic that the coming days will bear matters related to the decrees of the Lebanese University and its advancement.
Minister Halaby: “I am optimistic that the coming days will bear matters related to the decrees of the Lebanese University and its advancement.

Minister Halaby: “I am optimistic that the coming days will bear matters related to the decrees of the Lebanese University and its advancement. Official exams will be held on time, and we will communicate with donors to secure funds”.


Minister Qorm addressed the reality of the telecommunications sector in light of the difficult conditions.


Minister Qorm discussed the proposed solutions for the development of telephone and Internet services.


The Spanish Ambassador conveyed Spain’s desire to cooperate with the Lebanese government and to complete the provision of urgent aid.


President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, met the Education Minister, Abbas Halaby, today at the Presidential Palace, and discussed with him educational affairs and the conditions of the Lebanese University.


After the meeting, Minister Halaby made the following statement:

“I was honored to meet His Excellency, President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun. The issues of education and the Lebanese University were deliberated in the meeting.

We tackled several issues that will be announced in the next few days. I was very satisfied with this. The meeting is about something that could lead to unraveling the university’s files and reviving it after a difficult year for its students, administration, professors and president.

I also renew my optimism that the next few days will carry, either during this session or the next session of the Council of Ministers, something related to the decrees of the Lebanese University”.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Does what you discussed have anything to do with the file of appointing contracted deans and professors?

Answer: “There are 4 files on the agenda: the file of forming the university council by appointing genuine deans, the entry of professors to the staff, and the full-time assignment that affects the largest group of professors and trainers. If all these decrees are not passed, then at least we may witness the adoption of two decrees”.

Question: Which file is given priority?

Answer: “For me, all files have priority, but if it is not possible to approve all of them. We will accept what can be achieved for the benefit of the Lebanese University, because any such step will lead to reviving the situation in this university after a very difficult year.

I said the last time during the cabinet session, and I repeated today before His Excellency the President, that I do not hope that the university will witness this collapse, neither during the era of His Excellency the President, nor during the era of this government, nor during the era of the Minister of Education”.

Question: In light of the arrangements that have been made and will be conducted, how do you see the security preparations for the official exams?

Answer: “There is no security concern with regard to exams, and the Ministry is accustomed to this matter. We had set the dates and programs covered by the exams, and we reduced the materials and exam days so that they became two days instead of three days for the “brevet” certificate, and three days instead of five for the “secondary” certificate. With the programs being scaled back, there is no security concern. Coordination is also ongoing with the Lebanese Army and the Internal Security Forces.

We have opened a platform to receive requests from professors wishing to participate in monitoring and correction operations, and the Ministry is fully prepared to take exams, and has taken all logistical measures for that, including papers, stationery, and others”.

Question: Have you secured the money and the teachers’ compensation?

Answer: “Yes, we relied on donors, because the state budget does not allow much money to be spent, and we also spoke with these bodies to secure incentives for teachers to participate in monitoring and correction, in addition to the issue of the summer school we are talking about. We hope that the donors will meet our request”.

Communications’ Minister:

The President received Communications’ Minister, Johnny Qorm and tackled with him the situation of telecommunications in Lebanon, especially the cellular sector.

Minister Qorm stated that this sector is going through difficult conditions due to the difficult financial and economic conditions and the decline in the exchange rate of the Lebanese Lira compared to the US dollar.

In addition, Minister Qorm indicated that the meeting with the President was devoted to discuss supposed solutions for developing telephone and Internet services and launching new services, especially information transfer services.

Spanish Ambassador:

President Aoun met the Spanish Ambassador to Lebanon, Jesús Ignacio Santos Aguado.

Ambassador Aguado the greetings of the King of Spain and the Spanish Prime Minister, and pointed out that Spain is willing to cooperate with the Lebanese government and complete the provision of the urgent assistance requested in various fields.​