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Sunday,27 November, 2022
The President discussed the return of displaced Syrians with Ambassador Ali.
The President discussed the return of displaced Syrians with Ambassador Ali.

President Aoun tackled educational affairs with MP Traboulsi.


Ambassador Ali: “The countries concerned have been informed that Syria is not obstructing the return of its people. Syria is serious about receiving them and facilitating their return and will not hesitate to secure everything that achieves a dignified return”.



President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, received Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdel Karim Ali, today at the Presidential Palace.

Bilateral relations between Lebanon and Syria, especially what is related to the situation of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon in light of the plan that Lebanon puts in place to gradually return them to their homeland were deliberated.



After the meeting, the Syrian ambassador made the following statement: 

“I was pleased today to meet His Excellency the President and conveyed to him the greetings of President Bashar al-Assad and his wishes for Lebanon continued progress. 


We discussed a number of issues of concern to the two countries, based on the brotherly relations that unite us, especially the issue of the return of Syrian refugees from Lebanon to Syria, which we are witnessing today more than ever, a serious treatment, especially since Syria provided the necessary facilities for this and took measures that help to achieve this return, in cooperation with the brotherly Lebanese state.  


The major countries and international organizations need to facilitate this return, and help both countries to complete it and stop suggesting that Syria does not want its sons to return to it. This is incorrect and refuted by the facts and the measures taken.


We believe that what helps to speed up the return is that the financial aid and the amounts paid to the displaced brothers in Lebanon, if they were paid to the returnees in Syria, the results would be better, and that the strength of these amounts would be doubled so that the returning Syrian citizen would benefit from them in various health, educational, development and social fields.


Questions & Answers:

In response to a question, Ambassador Ali indicated that among the facilities provided by his country for the return of the displaced, "A series of amnesty laws issued by His Excellency President al-Assad, which include even terrorist crimes, unless they reach the limit of a few people. In addition, the concerned countries were informed that  Syria does not obstruct the return of its sons to it, and it is serious about receiving them and facilitating their return, and will not hesitate to secure everything that achieves a dignified return for them”.


On the other hand, the Syrian ambassador hoped that an agreement would be reached to form a new government that would "Contribute to strengthening relations between the two countries and help organize the return of the displaced, which needs cooperation between the governments of the two countries”.


MP Traboulsi:

The President met MP Edgar Traboulsi and discussed with him the conditions of the Lebanese University and the financial rights owed to it.  

The meeting also tackled the issue of the dollarization of tuition fees in private schools, the failure of the ceilings of these installments, and the suffering of the students' families as a result.


In addition, the current political situation, governmental developments, forming the new government and demarcating the southern maritime borders were also addressed.​