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Thursday,06 October, 2022
Latest News 04/10/2022

04/10/2022 - the president met former minister hoballah, vice president of "caritas" and father ziad al-haddad.


president of the... Read more

03/10/2022 - one unified lebanese position regarding the american offer will be conveyed to mediator hochstein, with the lebanese constants and includes technical and legal notes... Read more

03/10/2022 - president aoun: “lebanon will determine its position today regarding hochstein’s proposals, in consultation with the speaker and premier, and there will be no partnership... Read more

01/10/2022 - “whoever restricts the judiciary may be harmed by its justice and has influence in order to reach the disruption of his power. i call... Read more

01/10/2022 - president aoun contacted the speaker and premier and consulted with them on how to proceed to give the american mediator a lebanese response as... Read more

30/09/2022 - president aoun tackled educational affairs with mp traboulsi.


ambassado... Read more

29/09/2022 - minister khoury returned to the supreme judicial council again a draft decree containing the formations of the heads of the chambers of cassation after... Read more

29/09/2022 - the president expressed his satisfaction at the start of the electoral process in an atmosphere of democracy.


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  • President Aoun followed up on developments related to Lebanon’s comments regarding the American mediator’s offer in the indirect negotiations to demarcate the southern maritime borders.
  • President Aoun chaired the meeting of the technical committee for the demarcation of the maritime borders, and he met Speaker Berri and PM Mikati to unify the Lebanese position.
  • The President met the Director of Africa and the Middle East at the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.
  • President Aoun met a delegation of the European Integrity Forum in Lebanon:
  • The President received written presentation by Hochstein on the demarcation of southern maritime borders, from Ambassador Shea.
  • The President discussed the return of displaced Syrians with Ambassador Ali.
  • The President addressed pending judicial issues with Minister Khoury.
  • President Aoun addressed the proceedings of the first session to elect a new President of the Republic.
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