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Thursday,30 May, 2024
Cheikh Amine Gemayel
His Excellency President Amin Gemayel

Presidential Term: 22 September 1982 to 22 September 1988

Name: Amin Pierre Gemayel
Date and place of birth: 22 January 1942, Bikfaya
Marital Status: Married to Joyce Tyan, father of 3 children: Nicole Mekattaf, the late Pierre Jr. (assassinated in 2006), and Sami.

Educational Background:
  • Law degree - St Joseph University.

Professional Experience and Political Career:
  • Worked as a lawyer as of 1965.
  • Chaired the Phalanges Party
  • Elected Member of the Parliament in 1970 following the by-elections in Northern Metn, after the death of Maurice Gemayel
  • Re-elected Deputy (Member of Parliament) for Northern Metn in 1972 and remained in office by virtue of the extension of Parliament's mandate until elected as President of the Republic

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