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Wednesday,29 March, 2023
Final Statement of the National Dialogue Committee session held at the Presidential Palace in Baabda
Final Statement of the National Dialogue Committee session held at the Presidential Palace in Baabda

The National Dialogue Committee convened on May 5, 2014 at the Presidential Palace, in Baabda, under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic, General Michel Sleiman, and in presence of the majority of the dialogue components.
The President of the Republic opened the session stating the latest developments on the regional and international scenes.
The President also recalled the most important decisions from the national dialogue in 2006, as well as in September 2008 and March 2014, among which:
- The establishment of a dialogue spirit and a general atmosphere of stability and moderation.
- The publication of a “pact of honor” governing political and media discourse.
- The holding of parliamentary and municipal elections in 2009 and 2010 in a spirit of transparency and calm.
- The protection of Lebanon from the impact of the Israeli aggression against Gaza in 2009.
- The publication of “the Baabda Declaration” which stipulated maintaining  Lebanon away from the negative impacts of regional crises.
- The search for a vision pertaining to the national defense strategy.
The President also pointed out to recurring statements allegedly made by some Iranian officials, statements that undermine Lebanese sovereignty and good relations between countries, expressing its determination to seek clarification from the Iranian authorities.
After deliberations, attendees decided the following:
- The need to continue the national dialogue in order to avoid conflict and create a conducive climate to the implementation of the decisions of the Committee of dialogue,  in order to restore security and stability of Lebanon and to keep it away from the impact of regional crises.
- The need to continue discussions in order to agree on a national defense strategy for Lebanon, based on the proposal made by the president and which the Dialogue committee considered a starting point for discussion and the need to fully implement the Taef Agreement and maintain parity and coexistence.
- The need  to continue efforts to implement decisions taken by the International Support Group for Lebanon that aim at boosting stability by supporting state institutions, the Lebanese Army and the economy, along with addressing the burden of hosting over one million Syrian refugees.
- The need to exert all efforts in order to respect constitutional deadlines, to avoid vacuum in the top Lebanese institution by securing a quorum in order to elect a new President of the Republic within the constitutional timeframe and the holding of the parliamentary election on time.
- The participants praised the President ’s role in chairing the Dialogue sessions and his efforts in generating proposals and initiatives.