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Sunday,03 July, 2022
The President discussed the existing cooperation between Lebanon and the EU, with the President of the European Parliament delegation for relations with the Middle East.
The President discussed the existing cooperation between Lebanon and the EU, with the President of the European Parliament delegation for relations with the Middle East.

President Aoun: “Preparations are underway to hold parliamentary elections on time, in an atmosphere of freedom and transparency”.


President Aoun: “Dealing with the dispute which has arisen with the KSA and number of Gulf states continues at various levels. We hope to reach appropriate solutions”.


President Aoun: “The Cabinet continues to prepare the negotiation process with the IMF, on the economic recovery plan”.


Santos renewing EU support for Lebanon: “Our visit constitutes an opportunity to learn more about the economic crisis in Lebanon and to discuss the preparations for concluding an agreement with the IMF”.


Santos stressed the need to activate the Cabinet’s work to promote reforms and fight corruption: “We stress holding parliamentary elections and investigations into the Beirut Port blast”.


President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, received President of the European Parliament delegation for relations with Middle Eastern countries, Ms. Isabel Santos, accompanied by a delegation, today at the Presidential Palace.

The President informed the delegation that parliamentary elections will be held on time next spring in accordance with the provisions of the constitution and preparations are underway so that elections take place in an atmosphere of freedom, democracy and transparency.

Moreover, the President stressed that “The crises which took place in Lebanon had negative repercussions on the economy and the state’s ability to fulfill its obligations, in addition to Lebanon being subjected to an economic and commercial blockade as a result of the Syrian war which resulted and influx of Syrians, whose numbers exceeded one million and 850 thousand”.

“In addition to the complications of Corona pandemic and the Beirut Port blast, and the measures which Lebanon is currently subjected to by several Gulf states” President Aoun said.

President Aoun also indicated that dealing with the dispute which arose with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and several Gulf states continues at various levels, hoping to reach appropriate solutions.

President Aoun then asserted that the government proceeds with preparations for negotiations with the International Monetary Fund on an economic recovery plan which will help rebuild the national economy on a productive basis, and will contribute to achieving the reforms which Lebanon desires, and the IMF will help in implementation.

“Anti-corruption process is ongoing, and practical steps have begun with forensic audit, which will determine responsibilities to take appropriate measures against those responsible for any abuses which occurred and led to a decline in the financial situation in the country, which we are witnessing today” the President stated.

Moreover, the President addressed the role of the Lebanese youth in shaping the future of Lebanon, and stressed the importance of woman’s full participation in Lebanese political life, pointing out that the Lebanese regime needs to be developed. President Aoun emphasized that investigations into the Beirut Port explosion are continuing and will not stop until the reasons for the blast are revealed, and responsibilities are determined.

Finally, President Aoun praised the existing cooperation between Lebanon and the European Union, and thanked the political support he receives from the EU, in addition to the humanitarian and social aid.

For her side, Mrs. Santos had briefed the President on the purpose of the delegation’s visit to Beirut, and reiterated EU support for Lebanon and the Parliament’s follow-up on Lebanese affairs.

Santos also noted the importance of holding Lebanese parliamentary elections.


After the meeting, Mrs. Santos made the following statement:

“I am very glad with this meeting. It is a great pleasure and honor for me as the President of this delegation.

Our visit will last for two days, during which we will meet with officials and Lebanese authorities, as well as other representatives of the civil society and those responsible for projects which are funded by the EU. It is an opportunity for us to follow-up on these projects and to ensure that the funds allocated by the EU to finance them and spend properly, especially as these projects aim to improve and provide better living conditions for Lebanese citizens.

In these two days, we will address several issues, such as the crisis that is afflicting Lebanon, in terms of economic, social and political terms, as well as the health crisis due to the Corona pandemic, because the safety of others is our safety.

We are here in Lebanon to learn more about the economic crisis and other aspects of the crisis and to discuss preparations for concluding an agreement with the International Monetary Fund, and this is an urgent matter. We also look forward to the work of the cabinet and for it to be able to work and be more effective in order to promote the reforms which the country needs.

We are also interested in learning about the fight against corruption, the issue of elections and the investigation into the Beirut Port blast. These are the most important topics that we will address in addition to other issues during the two days of the visit, within the framework of cooperation between the European Union and Lebanon, as well as the country’s geopolitical situation and the relationship between Lebanon and the European Union.

I apologize for not having enough time to conduct a dialogue with you as usual, especially since I attach great importance to dialogue with journalists. You are important in conveying our message to the citizens, and we are interested to hear from you that you know a lot about Lebanon and convey the opinions of citizens as well, and you are also observers.

Sorry again for having another meeting, but I promise you there will be a press conference tomorrow and I hope to see you where I will have plenty of time and will gladly answer all questions”.​