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Sunday,05 February, 2023
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Cabinet Statement: 10/03/2022
Cabinet Statement: 10/03/2022

After the session, Minister Al-Halaby read the Cabinet statement:

“The Cabinet convened in its weekly session headed by the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, and attended by Prime Minister Najib Mikati and ministers except the Foreign Affairs Minister and the Labor Minister.

His Excellency the President asserted that the parliamentary elections should take place on their scheduled date, regardless of the positions related on the mega center issue, and emphasized that each party bears responsibility for its position.

His Excellency also indicated that he is with holding the elections and the adoption of the Mega Center because it eases the burdens on citizens in light of the difficult economic and financial conditions and increases voter participation rate.

Then, the Prime Minister informed the Cabinet of the appointment of Mr. Ziad Makari as Information Minister, then proceeded to study the agenda items and took the appropriate decisions, including:

1- Approving the recommendations submitted by the Ministerial Committee on the subject of the building of wheat blocks which are in danger of falling in the port of Beirut, and assigning the committee to develop a practical vision for its implementation.

2- Approving a draft law to amend the Parliamentary Elections Law in a way that allows the adoption of magnetic cards and ... major polling stations in the upcoming parliamentary elections for the year 2026.

3- Taking note of the decision of the Interior Minister to abolish polling stations for the Lebanese in the state of Ukraine.

4- Appointing Brigadier General Hassan Choucair as assistant director of State Security.

5- Accepting the resignation of the Director General of State Security, Major General Tony Saliba, and referring him to retirement, while appointing him as Director General of State Security.

6- Approving the request of the Industry Ministry not to allow the export of foodstuffs manufactured in Lebanon except on the basis of the aforementioned ministry’s export permit.

7- Accepting a financial grant of 50 million Euros from the Federal Republic of Germany within the framework of an agreement.... for educational programs, water and sanitation and the World Health Organization to confront Corona pandemic.​