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Friday,25 April, 2014
The Presidency of the Republic adopts new seal, a first since Independence    Address by His Excellency General Michel SLEIMAN,President of the Republic of Lebanon,At the founding meeting of the “International Support Group for Lebanon” New York, September 25, 2013    Conclusions of the inaugural meeting of the international support group For lebanon, at the united nations headquarters, 25 september 2013    Statement of Baabda issued by the National Dialogue     
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Anthem & Lebanese Flag
The Lebanese flag is red then red then white horizontal sections mediates the white cedar green. The size of the white equals the size of the red sections together. The cedar is in the middle section touches her red top and touch the base of the red section and the lower the size of Cedar parallel to the third the size of eggs section.
العلم اللبناني 1943
علم دولة لبنان الكبير 1920-1943
علم الانتداب الفرنسي 1918-1920
علم المتصرفية 1842-1918
علم امارة الشهابيين 1698-1842
علم امارة المعنيين 1515
Lebanese Anthem Lyrics