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Monday,26 February, 2024
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“lebanon agreed to adopt the final formula prepared by the american mediator”.


style="font-size:15pt;font-family:'times new roman',... Read more

address to the nation

by his excellency general michel aoun,

president of the lebanese republic,

on the eve of the parliamentary... Read more

president aoun: “i did not, and will not, surrender in the face of collapse. i still consider the solution possible through the national accord... Read more
president aoun: “the new government has begun implementing reforms, fighting against corruption, and forensic auditing that i was committed to. we count on recovering... Read more
president aoun: “all state agencies that are supposed to take decisions have been disrupted, so i took the initiative to solve pressing crises and... Read more
“let the judiciary go to the end in investigations and trials. i am with the judiciary and at its side, until justice is achieved,... Read more
president aoun: “dropping forensic audit is a beating to the french initiative, and a beating of the government’s decision. it is the entrance to... Read more
“i call upon pm hariri to come to baabda, for immediate government formation, in agreement with me and in accordance with the mechanism and... Read more

president aoun: “lebanon doesn’t know the impossible and we are a people who are never tired of the struggle to preserve their... Read more

president aoun: “i will not back down or deviate from any battle against corruption, which is rooted in our institutions, or on the issue... Read more