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Monday,17 June, 2024
Cheikh Bachir Gemayel
His Excellency President Bachir Gemayel

Assassinated on 14 September 1982 prior to taking Office

Name : Bachir Gemayel
Date and place of birth : 10 November 1947- 14 September 1982, Bikfaya
Marital Status : Married to Solange Toutounji, father of 3 children: Nadim, Yumna and the late Maya (killed at age 2 by a car bomb attempt against her father).

Educational Background:
  • Primary and Secondary Education, Notre Dame de Jamhour School.
  • Law Degree (1971)
  • Political Sciences Degree (1973)

Military and Political Career:
  • Member, then military leader of the Phalanges Party.
  • Founder and leader of the Lebanese Forces.

H.E. Sheikh Bashir Gemayel was elected on 21 August 1982, yet he was assassinated before taking office.

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