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Monday,17 June, 2024
Elias Sarkis
His Excellency President Elias Sarkis
Presidential Term: from 23 September 1976 to 22 September 1982

Name:Elias Youssef Sarkis
Date and place of birth: 20 July 1924 - died 27 June 1985, Shbanyeh
Marital Status:Single

Educational Background:
  • School education at Shbanyeh School and at the Frères School in Beirut
  • Law Degree in 1941

Professional Experience and Political Career:
  • Worked as a lawyer for three years
  • Appointed Magistrate of the Court of Accounts
  • Appointed Director General of the Chamber of the Presidency of the Republic in 1953until the end of the first half of H.E. President Charles Helou's term
  • Appointed Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon in 1968 for 9 years
  • Elected President of the Republic on 8 May 1976 but did not move to office until 23 September 1976, i.e. until the end of the term of H.E. President Suleiman

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